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Company profile

Zhejiang Energy PV Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Haiyan County, Hangjiahu Plain, northern Zhejiang Province. It is the hometown of educator and publisher Zhang Yuanji, cartoonist Zhang Leping, reform pioneer Bu Xinsheng, writer Yu Hua, and glasses master Wu Liangcai. Strategically located on the north side of Hangzhou Bay, it is located in the national 4A-level tourist scenic spot - the north and south lakes, only 10 minutes from the Shaojia Expressway, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is connected to Ningbo, and the north is 118 kilometers from Shanghai. The provincial capital of Hangzhou is 98 kilometers away and is a transportation hub between Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou. The rivers in the territory are vertical and horizontal, and the roads and waterways are interwoven, extending in all directions and the traffic is very convenient.

Established in August 2010, Zhejiang ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in environmental protection and new energy. It is a scientific and technological development enterprise integrating production, management, scientific research and technology development and information services. It is a high-tech company that is in line with national industrial policies and is a national encouraged industry project. Zhejiang ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 80 million yuan, a total investment of 650 million yuan, and a plant area of 17,000 square meters. It specializes in the manufacture and processing of crystalline silicon products, photovoltaic cells and components.

As an emerging industry and sunrise industry in the 21st century, the photovoltaic industry has broad application prospects, huge market potential, and rapid technological progress. The increasing demand for energy and the depletion of traditional resources are becoming the core issues affecting the sustainable development of the entire world. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of green energy that does not produce any pollution. It is a new type of energy that is friendly to human beings and the environment. It is one of the effective ways to solve the energy crisis and reduce pollution in the world, in line with international trends and The sustainable development strategy advocated by China will be supported by governments and people around the world. In the 21st century, solar energy is being widely promoted and applied as a major alternative energy source. ENERGY is brave enough to stand at the forefront of the times and take this as its mission. It is committed to continuous innovation of solar photovoltaic technology, continuously improving efficiency and reducing costs for human beings. Continuous development provides a thorough energy solution.

The company is optimistic about the development opportunities provided by the new energy industry to the company and employs the sun at home and abroad. A group of well-known experts with advanced technology in the industry as a team, using new technology and introduction Use sophisticated advanced equipment. Establish a complete and efficient quality management system based on ISO9000 international quality standards and 5S management, and continuously pursue and develop solar energy business through continuous innovation.

Production scale after the completion of the project: Annual production of 200MW polycrystalline silicon solar cells, with an annual sales volume of 2.6 billion, is planned to be listed within 3 years. The project has passed the EIA test. The environmental treatment projects involved in the project are designed, constructed and put into operation at the same time as the production equipment.

We have a green, eternal and harmonious future, so that every household can easily use clean, inexhaustible solar energy, make the sky more pure, the river is clearer, all the creatures on the earth bathe in the harmonious sunshine, ENERGY willing Work hard with all people of insight to build a beautiful home on earth.

Corporate culture

Development Strategy:Concentrate all the resources of the company in the solar photovoltaic industry, use the latest modern science and technology to create a world-class integrated solar cell industry and trade economic entity, quickly form a large-scale production capacity, and strive to achieve remarkable production and market within 3-5 years. The share makes the company's brand fast international. We actively fulfill our responsibilities to society and the environment and are proud of our vision to make photovoltaic power generation a sustainable, economical energy technology for the benefit of all.

Talent strategy:ENERGY firmly believes that employees are the most valuable assets of the company, and an excellent workforce is the foundation of the company. The development of the company is inseparable from the fact that every employee works hard. We not only create a healthy and safe working environment for our employees, but also build a stage to improve our ability, create a business and realize our dreams.

Technical direction:Reduce the cost of crystalline silicon solar cells under the existing technology conditions; develop high-efficiency and low-cost solar cells, and make the solar cell's power generation cost competitive with existing conventional energy sources as soon as possible.

Product Positioning:Located in high-end products, we are expected to provide customers with high quality, high conversion rate and high added value products, which are unique in the market competition and form a competitive advantage.

Customer service:Innovation is the driving force for our development; mutual trust with our customers, partners and employees is the cornerstone of our success; fulfilling our social responsibilities is the primary criterion for good corporate citizenship. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality solar photovoltaic products, providing customers with high added value and providing quality services to our customers.

Product quality:ENERGY is convinced that “product quality is the starting point for value and dignity” and that a scientific quality management system has been established at the initial stage. “Continuous improvement” will become an integral part of the company culture. Aoneng's leading design capabilities, first-class production and professional testing equipment, sophisticated production management, strict quality management system, excellent staff training system and employee incentive mechanism are all important guarantees for high quality and reliable products.