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Power generation system diagramPhotovoltaic town

Name: Photovoltaic power generation system

A power generation and power conversion system consisting of a solar module, an inverter, and a conversion link. The solar modules absorb sunlight and the generated electrical energy is converted into electrical energy that can be used by the load through a series of photovoltaic devices.


1、Green energy, low carbon, no pollution 

2、Electricity saving fee, subsidy, economic and environmental protection

3、Spontaneous use · Solar energy converted to AC power

4、Sustainable Building and Green Development New Benchmark 

Commercial project mapCivil project map

Distributed photovoltaic power plant system structure principle

High-performance solar cells are centrally mounted on the roof through brackets, and are connected in series to form a solar cell array. The solar cell array absorbs sunlight to generate direct current, which is converted into an alternating current for the owner through the photovoltaic inverter, and the surplus electricity can be uploaded to the national grid to obtain the corresponding electricity price income.

Household head
ENERGY Power Generation System is a new financial management choice product that is safe, stable and has a high return on investment. As the owner, we are committed to providing you with better solar modules and higher output power, lowering your annual electricity bill or subsidies from some national and regional governments to guarantee your return on investment. This clean and reliable energy source will effectively reduce the carbon emissions in your life and provide you with a green lifestyle.

Commercial owner
The ENERGY power generation system is a safe, reliable, large-scale investment and high-return business project. As a company or organization, Ai Nengju provides you with the most powerful standard solar module products on the market, a high-performance system to ensure greater efficiency output, by selling electricity to the grid, low-cost electricity prices for own use or obtaining national and local governments. Subsidies and other models to achieve economic benefits. Investing in photovoltaic power generation systems can visually demonstrate your efforts in carbon reduction and combine economic benefits with ecological significance.

Our professional team provides you with one-stop service without the hassle of working hard
1、Household survey; view roof, transformer, etc.
2、Pre-construction preparation: material personnel enter the scene
3、On-site construction management: professional construction uniform standards, construction procedures and building protection measures, professional on-site technical guidance, full-time safety management
4、Completion acceptance: professional acceptance and delivery according to the design plan
5、Grid-connected power generation
6、Strong after-sales protection:(1)PV module warranty for 25 years;(2)Remote intelligent monitoring ensures the normal operation of the power station, stable power generation and timely response.(3)Professional quick response squad.